18 November 2017 0 Comments

Aliied Billiards Snooker Table Supplied and Fitted


We have Recently Supplied this 12ft Allied Billiards snooker table to one of our customers in Grimsby.

We have a large workshop with around 20/25 snooker tables stored within. Ranging from club tables to Match tables and also quite a few very old antiques. Having many snooker tables in stock makes it easy for us to provide our customers with a table to suit there preference and price range.

Allied Billiard snooker tables are very well made British tables. Made from the 1980′s onwards they are a very good looking table that are also provide very competitive play. We have previously used a very similar table as our exhibition/match table.

The Table was sprayed High Gloss White as per the customers specification, it was supplied With new Northern Rubber, Hainsworth Match Cloth, Nets, Leathers, Ball rails and all necessary accessories.

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